The Elangeni project was born from a yearly event held for the Captain Morgan Spiced Gold beach party.

The Elangeni Entertainment Venue forms part of the Orlando Ekhaya Concept Masterplan, which is a Cape Town Properties initiative and is a true monument to all things authentically Sowetan.


The 12 750 square meter north facing site, situated on the southern shore of Power Park Dam (Orlando Dam) along Old Potch Road, faces the decommissioned Orlando Power Station.

Power Park Dam is an old cooling dam for the now decommissioned Orlando Power Station, which in turn, will be transformed into a major new shopping venue.

The West side of the site has been earmarked for a green belt and wildlife corridor to and from the dam in order to protect the sensitive wetland echo system.


Orlando is a suburb of Soweto and lies in the centre of the township. Orlando is famous in the annals of South African history. It is here that Nelson Mandela lived in a little four room house organising and building the ANC and it’s armed wing Mkhonto we Sizwe. It is here that his lawyer partner and fellow Robben Island prisoner Walter Sisulu lived. Their neighbour was Nobel Peace Prize winners Desmond Tutu, then a little known Anglican reverend! And most notorious of all on June 16, 1976, Orlando saw the killing of school students by the police and the famous 1976 riots down Orlando main street, now site of a multi million rand apartheid museum.

So it was this famous suburb of Soweto that the Spiced Gold Beach Party has been held in 2003, 2004 and 2005, moving across to the Elangeni Events Arena for the best event yet in 2006. Completely overgrown and unused, the overgrowth was cleared, 400 tons of beach sand laid down, 26-foot yachts were launched and a host of Caribbean style bars were built along the “seashore”.


The venue can accommodate a maximum of 10 000 people and covers an area of 12 750 square meters.

  • a peoples place
  • an international destination
  • theme restaurant, take-away
  • festivals & concerts
  • party and function venue
  • picnics, braais & open space for recreation
  • water & beach sports facilities
  • beach volleyball, rowing, kayaking, fishing and sailing

The overriding theme of this parkland and entertainment development will be a celebration of the music and social character of the Sowetan people.


  • Ticket Offices
  • Security Offices
  • Management centre
  • Access control through 10 turn styles arranged around the venue
  • Info Office
  • Sick Bays / First Aid Rooms
  • Covered Seating for 1360 people
  • Large stage on water
  • Suites overlooking stage
  • Theme Restaurant – 100 seat (local Soweto tenant)
  • 2 Take-away Restaurants
  • Offices - 500 sq m
  • Beach Taverns (Bedouin Tents)
  • Soweto Sports Council Region 10
  • Jozi FM radio station
  • Conference & meeting facilities
  • Water and beach sports facilities
  • Clubhouse
  • Male & Female changing areas
  • Recreation
  • Braai, lawn and indigenous park areas
  • Wetlands and green belt
  • VIP Parking Area
  • Emergency Vehicle Access

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Latest Proposals


Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

The site is a North West facing site, situated on to the Southern side of the R24 on Electron Avenue, approximately 2,5km from the OR Tambo International Airport.
It is a long site of approximately 9 500 square meters, which comprises a head office building which is linked to a series of storage warehouses.

Due to it’s prominent location, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics decided to revamp their current premises rather than forsake their prime position.

Their request was for a new look on the exterior of the building which was very dated and in serious need of some attention. As they are an international company, they wanted to portray a newer and fresher image to suit their other companies worldwide. They also wanted the interiors of the offices to be revamped as the current furniture and equipment was also very dated and staff morale not where it should be partly due to this.

Our proposal included moving the reception to a new and better location, updating the spaceplanning, bringing in new furniture and equipment and putting a new façade on the exterior. We also added guard house facilities and an entertainment area for clients and staff.

After successfully completing this project, BLUCUBE STUDIO was approached by the client to proceed with Phase 2, which consists of demolishing an existing outdated warehouse and replacing it with a new high volume pallet storage facility. Due to the shortage of storage warehousing close to the airport, Hellmann requested a storage facility with maximum storage height as would be allowed by the local authorities, in order to successfully fill the demand.

The project is currently underway, so watch this space for some new developments.


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Before Inside


Before Outside


After Inside


After Outside

Phase 2 Warehouse






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